The Grill Control Device

Grill Control is a smart, battery-powered adapter for gas barbecues that is simply plugged onto the rotary knob. Using the temperature sensor installed in the interior of the grill, the associated gas burner is controlled via an app. With the innovative Grill Control Device, nothing stands in the way of relaxed barbecue enjoyment with family, friends or on your own!

Grill Control Device
Relax in the hammock, "Grill Control" does the rest

Smart grilling and relaxing in the garden

The innovation that makes Grill Control ground-breaking is not the temperature display via the app – after all, that is already offered by commercially available smart thermometers. What is revolutionary is that Grill Control also takes over the control of the rotary knob. With the separately available Companion Devices, several rotary knobs of the grill can be coupled – to evenly distribute heat.

In this way you can casually operate the barbecue from a hammock: You can either choose one of the included pre-sets or create a temperature distribution according to your own needs, with any number of intervals of desired temperature and duration. If you like, you can add a name and photo to your own pre-set and you are ready to go! The settings are made automatically after starting the grilling process. Such a function can be plugged into grill models from different manufacturers via an adapter: And that is truly new.

Perfect preparation of trendy and classic recipes

With the extra-long battery life, thanks to Grill Control, long-term grilling of pulled pork, beef brisket, pastrami and similar culinary specialities that have enjoyed great popularity for many years is also possible. Those who want even more control can use the optional accessories: In addition to the temperature sensor in the cooking chamber, a probe thermometer is available to monitor the core temperature. This not only ensures extra-tender steaks, but also gives the BBQ master the assurance that Beer Can Chicken is well-done without becoming dry.

Grill Control thus fits in perfectly with the trend of being comfortable in the garden and enjoying one's leisure time at home. The days when you spent more time at the barbecue than looking after your guests are a thing of the past! Grill Control makes the grilling experience even smarter.

Intelligent, timeless design

1 Keyboard unit with progress indicator

2 Robust plastic housing

3 Custom-fit handle cap

4 Easy charging via USB

Grill Control Device



Easy connection via Bluetooth® with your smartphone



Temperature display, fully automatic temperature and time intervals, manual control



Intuitive control via the Grill Control app



Attach the device, pair it, position the sensor – and you are done!



Timeless and with a clear design, Grill Control also visually matches any gas grill



Grill Control fits the most popular models from Weber, Napoleon and Broil King


Does that work for you?

The devil is in the details – or even in the grill handles. So far, Grill Control is available for the following model series:

Broil King
  • Baron
  • Imperial
  • Regal
  • Signet
  • Sovereign
  • Phantom
  • Prestige
  • Prestige Pro
  • Rogue
Weber Grill
  • Genesis II - until year of construction 2022
  • Spirit II
  • Spirit
  • G-Serie
  • S-Serie
  • Videro Serie

Is any BBQ model missing?

We are continuously working on further handle adapters. When new models are included, you will be the first to know.

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