Grill Control

smart BBQ experience

IQ upgrade for your barbecue.

Smart temperature control with the new Grill Control Device.

Intelligent, timeless design

Discover all the information about your Grill Control Device. Functions, compatibility, features.

Grill Control Device
App Overview

Temperature control as never been seen before.

Keeping full control of your grill temperature has never been easier:

  • Install the Grill Control App on your smartphone
  • Connect the Grill Control device to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Determine the temperature distribution and let the app regulate it automatically

Does that work for you?

The devil is in the details – or even in the grill handles. So far, Grill Control is available for the following model series:

Broil King
  • Baron
  • Imperial
  • Regal
  • Signet
  • Sovereign
  • Phantom
  • Prestige
  • Prestige Pro
  • Rogue
Weber Grill
  • Genesis II - until year of construction 2022
  • Spirit II
  • Spirit
  • G-Serie
  • S-Serie
  • Videro Serie

Is any BBQ model missing?

We are continuously working on further handle adapters. When new models are included, you will be the first to know.

Do you want more?

Make your BBQ experience even smarter with our optional accessories:

Grill Control takes care of that.

Bring your BBQ experience home.

Our starter kit has everything you need for your new grill experience.
Simply connect it, install the app and start grilling.

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